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EXCLUSIVE: Breakdown of people who fell for "Shazhupan"

Incomplete numbers; these are only those that we found or found us.

FBI's IC3 reported $29 million lost to "Confidence Fraud/Romance" scam victims for all of 2020. Our current count as of August 2021 from just 134 US victims we can find, is already at $24.4 million!!!

Survey results from 102 Respondents

Loss averaged $105,333.53 per victim~

including gays


Australian authorities call this "romance baiting", and reported 400 such cases last year in Australia. They said the majority of its victims are of the younger demographic.

And that is almost what we see from our own survey:

Highest Education Level

Many victims are highly educated

To note, only 13.1% of the US population have advanced degrees (masters AND doctorates)

Among the professions:

Administration research scientist Photographer Supply Chain Manager Operations and Logistics Hotel Business Bank manager Chartered accountant Engineer Bookkeeper/Office Manager Digital Marketing IT project manager Architecture Graduate student Finance Student CLINICAL RESEARCH Healthcare Chef Cashier Service industry Journeyman Electrician Business owner Attorney Office assistant Industry Business tourism NURSE Practitioner Engineer Food&beverage Mobile phone sales Business Manager Professor

They target only Chinese? No.

If you are a victim and have not answered the anonymous survey, help us get the the BIG picture! Answer:

BIG thanks to Vanessa for data analysis


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