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Flying Too Close to the Sunton

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

S is a 5-year veteran cryptocurrency investor in Spain, having studied the cryptocurrency market carefully and invested almost his entire personal liquidity in Bitcoin. Things changed with the confluence of two events: his meeting of a charming Chinese woman from online dating, and the drop in BTC's price following allegations of Elon Musk dumping Tesla's Bitcoin holdings.

One day, I received a message from an Asian girl on Seeking Arrangement. We talked about many different topics for more than two months. She was very kind and warm, and we had a lot of pleasant conversations, including philosophical ones and even in astrophysics! Then slowly, dropping hints over time, she began to tell me she was profiting well on the forex market, of which I knew nothing, and tried to convince me to invest together with her. I was very reluctant at the beginning, but then she began to send and show me photos of her very luxurious life. And then she told me she had fallen in love with me.

Still, none of these things she told me changed my mind because I still hadn't wanted to invest with her, that is, until the Elon Musk BTC dump arrived on the scene. BTC dropped from $64,000 to $29,000, and at that critical point, she opportunistically insisted on offering me her help in investing in forex. She explained that her billionaire uncle was providing her with some kind of privileged, insider news about the forex market, and she showed me screenshots to prove how skilled she was at investing.

There were things she said that I chalked up to cultural and language barrier; I definitely would not have believed so easily if we were talking in Spanish or if she was a native English speaker. One hears that China has been producing a lot of billionaires lately. By that time, I was under heavy pressure from her and from the falling crypto market, and so I made a fatal mistake: I joined her. She had finally gained my trust. I was instructed to download the MetaTrader5 (MT5) app, after which she sent me a link to Sunton Capital Limited (the fraudulent broker). There were a lot of red flags during that process, but somehow I failed to noticed them. I tried to do my due diligence but obviously failed. Perhaps my struggles with depression for more than two years also made me much more vulnerable.

Network of Companies related to Sunton Capital

All my personal and financial circumstances played out in their favor: my depression, the BTC dump, you name it. Then she gave me the WhatsApp number for the customer service of MetaTrader5 and told me to speak with the customer service to fund my Sunton Capital account, so I did it. It's incredible how a person with more than five years of experience in the crypto market like me would sent this much crypto to a unknown wallet that's not under my control. But this was all because I trusted the girl; I really thought she was trying to help me.

And so, I made a number of transfers, comprising the following:

Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC: 22.639

BTC: 11

ETH: 160

USDT: 64,798

...the total value of which was $1,625,000 USD, and the only real money ever on the fraudulent platform. (The "actual" value displayed on the account was more than $2M USD.)

I had no idea it was a scam until while monitoring the cryptocurrency market, I noticed that crypto was recovering, and decided to apply for a withdrawal via the customer service's WhatsApp number.

Then, all the problems began and everything unraveled.

First, they said my profit is abnormal, so they blocked my account. Then they asked me to pay a 10% penalty of my total balance to unlock my account. Once I heard this, I realized that that I was dealing with a large, well organized scam with a fake MetaTrader page and a fake customer service, run by the same scammers. Given their poor English proficiency, I suspect they may be of Chinese origin. At that moment, everything finally made sense to me: this was why the girl was always trying to ask me to increase my liquidity via crypto or via bank transfer. The customer service was run by the scammers or scammer themselves. The MetaTrader page was effectively a mirror page, and the only money that it ever had that was real, my initial investment of over $1.6 million in cryptocurrency, was is in their hands right now.

I was and am devastated. All my personal liquidity was in the booming cryptocurrency market, and I have lost it all. During my first moments after discovering the scam, I even struggled with suicidal thoughts. Now I am beginning to accept my situation, but I absolutely understand how some people must have committed suicide in the aftermath of these types of scam. I hope my story can illustrate how evil these scammers are. They are destroying many lives and scamming people all around the world. Something needs to be done to stop them.

To this day, the customer service page is still working. Sometimes they will send me a message prompting me to pay the 10% "unlocking fee".

When that happens, it reminds me of this unfortunate chain of events.


List of warnings by different regulators:

List of warnings by different regulators in Spanish:

Sunton Capital Ltd

Sandwind Global Ltd

Fortupath Group Limited


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